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Some people think that Americans do not need car insurance. They believe this is a well-organized scam that sucks a lot of money (billions of dollars annually) out of the United States economy. If this is your line of thinking, and you are evaluating starting to drive without insurance, you should know that you are not the only one.

Is It Possible Not To Be Caught While Driving Without Insurance

Why Is Auto Insurance Expensive?

About 14% of the people who drive on our country’s roads daily drive without insurance. It is a known fact that uninsured motorists moving along the streets are increasing the prices of car insurance policies, according to statistics from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). Some information from the NAIC shows that these uninsured motorists cost approximately $11 billion to Americans.

Firstly, auto insurance wouldn’t be so expensive if it wasn’t mandatory. According to some people, this figure is manipulated by car insurance companies. They said these companies are lobbying in Washington DC, to get car insurance required by law in the US.

Car insurance charges depend on the state where you live and drive and the city. The average American’s car insurance per year is about $1300.00. According to United States citizens’ life expectancy, they make more than $80000.00 in their life. That is a high number, and many people in this country do not have the funds for it.

Can You Drive Without Car Insurance?

Criticizers of this theory say that driving without insurance is an excessive risk. Maybe they haven’t thought about what happens in the state of New Hampshire, where state laws allow their people to decide whether to buy car insurance or not freely. Even with this self-government, we don’t see many awful things happening to the citizens of New Hampshire after exercising their freedom to choose.

According to many, freedom of choice is the basis of a free society, and forcing US citizens to buy car insurance is unconstitutional.

Driving without car insurance could be helpful for many things: you can save a lot of money, and, at the same time, you can challenge our system, a system that overwhelms us with bills, taxes, debts, tolls, high prices, nonsense laws, and poorly made roads.

Top 10 Tips to Avoid Being Caught While Driving Without Auto Insurance

If you are going to drive without insurance, here are some tips to make your endeavor successful:

Do not drive with expired tags: A law enforcement officer could know if you are driving with an expired license when he sees the stickers on your car plates. Keep these tags up to date and avoid being pulled over by the police if you drive without insurance.

Keep your car lights working: To successfully drive without insurance, you should remember that your car’s lights, headlights, and taillights, must work properly. A malfunctioning blinker is one of the most common reasons to be pulled over by a law enforcement officer.

Keep your car clean: Remember that your car shouldn’t look like you have been driving through the jungle if you are driving without insurance. A dirty car can give the false idea that it cannot handle the payment of the insurance, and this idea could lead a police officer to pull you over. Make an effort and keep your car as clean as a whistle.

Be ready for failures and breakdowns: You should be prepared to solve by yourself any breakage that could happen while you are driving. You should always carry these things and tools to help you in case of troubles: a car jack, backup bulbs for the lights, a spare tire, start-up batteries, extra gallons of gas, a quart of oil, or any other thing you think will be needed.

While you are stopped on the road during a breakdown, if a police officer thinks you may need some help, they might stop and finally ask about your insurance. Do you wish to create that possibility? Then it would help if you learned all about your car failures.

Avoid reckless driving: Driving without insurance and irresponsibly can’t go together. When you are about to drive without insurance, you should be aware of the traffic laws, stay alert, and control the situation. If you are a careless driver, the chances of getting pulled over by the police increase exponentially. Your car could be impounded and your license suspended.

Keep your car running correctly: If you are planning to drive without insurance, your vehicle should be in perfect condition. Let’s say you’ve got a lousy alignment, for example, that prevents you from going straight; it might seem like a DUI. The police might quickly stop you when you are having mechanical problems.

Keeping your car running correctly could avoid being pulled over by a law enforcement officer. To achieve this, do not miss your regular checkups and be up to date with repairs and replacements.

Don’t drive if your license has been suspended: When police officers check your license plates through their system, they can quickly know if your license has been suspended.

They surely pull you over if you are driving with a suspended license. When they realize that you are also driving without insurance, this will be a double violation and will have severe consequences for you. Therefore, keep in mind to renew your license on time.

Play your music at a low volume: Playing music at a high volume is an effective way to attract police attention, which is undesired when driving without insurance. Thus, if you want to be caught, play Metallica loudly, and “the bells will toll for you.”

Drive a car with a good appearance: Driving without missing any visible part of the vehicle goes hand in hand with tip # six. To effectively drive without insurance, ensure that nothing clouds your car’s appearance. So, no broken windows, hanging bumpers, or missing mirrors. A sloppy-looking vehicle might indicate low income and no car insurance, which will surely draw police attention.

Stop entirely at stop signs: As you may know, people call it “California Roll,” the maneuver drivers do at stop signs when they slow down until they almost stop and keep driving. A good advice for those who drive without insurance is to avoid this. Police officers often watch stop signs waiting for you to disobey the law. It would be best if you always came to a complete stop at a stop sign to keep the police away from you.

The above are ten helpful guidelines for all those people who don’t want to be caught without buying car insurance. If this is your goal, fulfilling this list is a good start. Good luck!