The Loya Insurance Group is made up of multiple insurance companies, including Rodney D. Young Insurance and Fred Loya Insurance. The Loya Insurance Group has more than 500 offices located in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Nevada, and Texas. Their website states they offer “competitive rates…regardless of your credit or driving history.”

The Loya Insurance Group offers a variety of insurance plans complete with payment plans to accommodate their customer’s budgets and needs As a result, the adjustors at Fred Loya Insurance are often handling several claims at the same time.

In 2012, the Loya Insurance Group was fined $300,000 by the State of Texas for “false advertising” after the state was made aware that they were not fulfilling their guarantee of offering discounted insurance policies.

Nonstandard Insurance AKA “High Risk” Insurance 

The Loya Insurance Group is well-known for tailoring its marketing campaigns to appeal to drivers who are considered “high risk” drivers or uninsurable by other auto insurance companies. This kind of insurance is referred to as “nonstandard insurance.” Drivers may be labeled “high risk” for many reasons, including having:

  • Past accidents
  • A previous DUI
  • A significant number of traffic violations, including speeding
  • An address in a high-risk driving area
  • A vehicle that is designed for speed and/ or racing.

Young Drivers May Also be Labeled as “High Risk”

Nonstandard insurance is primarily intended for high-risk drivers. As a result, more often than not, nonstandard policies issued by the Loya insurance Group tend to be very basic. Texas law only requires drivers to carry a minimum coverage amount of $30,000.00 per person and $60,000.00 total per accident for bodily injury liability coverage and $25,000.00 for personal property. This is referred to as a “minimum limits policy.” 

Nonstandard policies are usually stripped down to keep costs as low as possible for the insured and offer no underinsured/ uninsured motorist coverage or personal injury protection. If you file a claim with the loya insurance group, there is a good chance that you will find yourself having to deal with a nonstandard insurance policy.

The Named Driver Exclusion

In the cases of nonstandard insurance, it is very common for the policy to include a Named Driver Exclusion. This means that specific people are listed as “excluded drivers.” If they are involved in an accident, no insurance coverage is included, whether or not they had the owner’s permission to drive the car.  In simple terms, if this person is driving the vehicle and is involved in an accident, the insurance coverage will be voided. These exclusions are often used when there are minors in the home.

Sadly, some drivers will use this type of policy deceptively. For example, they may choose to pay the premium in installments. This allows them to get an insurance card, which they may need for the purpose of having one in the car in the event they are pulled over while driving or to renew their driver’s license.

Then, they simply stop making the monthly payment. In other cases, they may convince someone to purchase the policy in that person’s name. This allows them to have an insurance card readily available, even though they are not actually covered by the policy. In the end, if you are involved in an accident, you may be handed an insurance card that doesn’t actually include any coverage.

The Loya Insurance Group Claims Adjusting

The Loya Insurance Group and Rodney D. Young don’t make big profits by paying out generous claims like other insurance companies. Instead, they commonly offer a subpar first offer. You may also receive a denial due to the Named Driver Exclusion or because their client is being uncooperative. His risk drivers have the tendency to not always act responsibly when it comes to replying to their agent’s questions. 

In addition, the fact that the Loya insurance group and Rodney D. Young usually offer a mere $30,000 in coverage means that you may find yourself lacking the insurance benefits you need to pay the full cost of your medical expenses. In this situation, you may find yourself having to negotiate your medical bills down or open an underinsured motorist claim with your own insurance company.

Get the Help You Need

If you have been involved in an accident with someone covered by Fred Loya or Rodney D. Young, you may already be dealing with the issues discussed above. It’s time to learn what legal rights you have. With one phone call, you can receive an initial consultation for free. Additionally, you will never be charged attorney fees or case expenses unless a recovery is made on your behalf.

Don’t try to fight the Loya Insurance Group on her own.  Call Simmons and Fisher, P.C. today, and let us fight them on your behalf.